AKKtiv – AAC Early Intervention

AKKtiv stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication – early intervention. It is a parental education and the target group is parents who have children with communication difficulties. The content is based on current research and evidence based practice. The purpose is to give the parents knowledge about communication, communication strategies and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), and for them to learn to use the strategies and AAC in the context of everyday social interactions and play with their child.

AKKtiv started as a research and development project in the year of 2005 at DART – centre for AAC and AT in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Different parental courses have been developed and evaluated, four basic courses and one advanced courses. More information about the different parental courses

The material is fully translated into English, Norwegian and Croatian, and partly translated into Danish and Finnish.

If you want to book a course in your country or want to have more information contact Gunilla Thunberg